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Hot New Products!


"Uni-Cross" Universal Transmission Crossmember

Your looking at a T56 6 Speed Transmission in a 1966 Mustang using the RMP Uni-Cross Crossmember and RMP Adjustable Lowered Motor Mounts without cutting the floor pan.

We installed a T56 6 speed transmission into a 1966 Mustang without cutting the floor pan sheet metal. We did have to modify the floor support crossmember that the stock transmission crossmember would bolt to. This modification was necessary to get the clearance needed when installing the larger T56 transmission into our Vintage Mustang. This modification is shown in the instructions.

 6 spd release pic, bottom.jpg (336962 bytes)

We call this crossmember the “Uni-Cross” because it will work on many different models with many different transmissions. Because of its unique frame mounting system, it will fit cars that have an “inside to inside” frame width of 26 to 29 inches, not just Mustangs.

6 spd release pic, side.jpg (235564 bytes)

This crossmember can be used with T5, 3550, TKO, 500, 600 5 speed transmissions,the T56 6 Speed transmission and an AOD/AODE transmissions. May work with other transmissions.

 6 spd release pic, rear.jpg (223940 bytes)

Crossmember follows contour of floor closely to give as much room as possible for your exhaust.

Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, this crossmember may require modifications to your rear hydraulic brake line and parking brake cables. On the car in the photos, all we did was push up on the brake line to reform (bend) it over the crossmember.

 7125.jpg (81117 bytes)

Black Powder Coat Finish on crossmember and Zinc Plating on other brackets and mounting hardware.

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"Street Force"
Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System

Now Available for 1965-70 Mustangs

coil-over2044.jpg (31947 bytes)

coil-over2034.jpg (32629 bytes)

rmp street force, main.jpg (354368 bytes)

Complete Kit,  $2495.00

Improved Handling and Ride Quality

street force art, pict 1.jpg (365820 bytes)

Improved Handling and Ride Quality: The "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System improves the handling and ride of your Mustang over factory stock style suspension by moving the lower mounting point of the coil spring and shock absorber to the lower control arm. This positions the bottom of the coil spring and shock absorber closer to the tire and wheel which reduces the spring rate needed to support the weight of the vehicle. This allows the use of lighter rate coil springs and shock settings which results in more suspension travel and better ride quality.

Variable Ride Height Adjustment & Adjustable Front Shock Absorbers

street force art, pict 2.jpg (257557 bytes)

Variable Ride Height Adjustment: The threaded body of the shock absorbers allows for approximately 3" to 4" of height adjustment simply by turning the spring seat and locking ring. This adjustment can be made without removing the shock and coil spring from the car in a matter of just a few minutes. A check of your wheel alignment is recommended after any change in ride height as camber and toe settings can be changed by lowering or raising the ride height of the car.

Adjustable Front Shock Absorbers: With a simple turn of the adjustment knob on the bottom of the shock absorber you have 12 separate settings that can be made to fine tune your front suspension to the way you want your car to ride. This adjustment knob is easily accessible with the car on the ground. Just turn the wheel so that the tire is pointed outward and you can reach the knob which will be located between the spindle and the body of the shock absorber.

Superior Strength

TIG Weld, pict 3.jpg (290835 bytes)

Superior Strength: The tubular design and construction of the "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System is far more rigid than the original stamped steel components. The rod ends which are used at all pivot points are all rated at over 30,000 pounds. All components are TIG welded for maximum strength. Also, there are no rubber bushings or soft steel parts to deflect under load.

Smoother Suspension Travel & Easier and More Precise Front End Alignments

street force art, pict 4.jpg (273021 bytes)

Smoother Suspension Travel: In the stock suspension, the rubber bushings in the lower control arms and strut rods restrict suspension travel because they are held tight to the frame of the car. I have taken several calls from customers who have tightened up the lower control arms while they were pointing downward and then couldn’t pull them up and into the right position to install the spindle. All of the pivot points in the "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System pivot free through the entire suspension travel and allows all of the suspension components to work together, not to "wind up" and cause resistance.

Easier and More Precise Front End Alignments: All camber adjustments are made with the built in double adjuster which is part of the lower control arm. No more upper control arm shims or lower control arm eccentrics. All caster adjustments are made by lengthening or shorting the adjustable strut rods. All camber and caster adjustments can be made in minutes in any increment, no matter how large or small is required, without removing any parts from the suspension. Toe adjustments are made exactly the same as with a factory suspension system.

Corrosion Resistant Coated: All the components of the "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System are either nickel plated, anodized or made from stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion and maintain a new appearance. Cleaning with a little hot, soapy water periodically will keep the system looking new for years. Also, corrosion removing agents such as carburetor cleaner, brake cleaners and solvents, which can dull power coating, will not damage the finish.

Replaceable Upper and Lower Screw In Ball Joints

Screw Ball Joints, pict 5.jpg (267077 bytes)

Replaceable Upper and Lower Screw In Ball Joints: One thing most Mustang owners are aware of is that if a lower control ball joint needs to be replaced, you have to replace the whole lower control arm and get another front end alignment. And changing an upper control ball joint is no picnic either. With Ron’s design, if a ball joint should wear out or get damaged, replacement is simple. Just unscrew the ball joint in question and screw in the replacement. If you are replacing a ball joint due to wear, in most cases a front end alignment will not be necessary. If you are replacing a ball joint because of damage, you’ll want to have the front end alignment checked.

Uses Your Existing V8 Spindles, Brakes and Steering Components

street force art, pict6 .jpg (335336 bytes)

Uses Your Existing V8 Spindles, Brakes and Steering Components: The "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System is designed to work with all 1965 to 1973 Mustang V8 spindles, brake systems and steering components. However, brake hose modification, to clear the shock and coil spring, may be needed. This is a simple modification, especially if you’re installing different front brakes at the same time as you’re doing the suspension.

Improved Suspension Geometry

street force art, pict 7.jpg (398304 bytes)

Improved Suspension Geometry: Besides moving the lower mounting point of the coil spring and shock absorber to the lower control arm and closer to the tire and wheel as described before, the "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System also lowers the mounting point of the upper control arm by 1 3/4" which increases camber gain during suspension travel. Camber gain is important in keeping the contact patch of the tire as large as possible during cornering. A metal templet that bolts to the shock tower comes with the kit and makes it easy to be assured that you are drilling the new lower holes in the proper location. This is the same modification that Shelby made to the G.T.350 except that they were only able to relocate the upper control arm downward one inch because any further resulted in a binding of the upper ball joint which led to upper ball joint failure. The design of the upper control arm in the "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System corrects this and makes it safe to lower the upper control arm 1 3/4".

Adjustable Turning Radius

Steering Stop, pict 8.jpg (359041 bytes)

Adjustable Turning Radius: Wider tires, especially when used with wider rims and more backspacing, can hit the inner frame rail of the car causing damage to both the tire and car. The "Street Force" Tubular Coil-Over Front Suspension System comes with adjustable steering stops. With adjustable steering stops you can adjust the point of where the spindle stops turning which allows you to keep your tires from hitting the frame, brake cooling ducts or anything else that could be in the way.

Are you tired of uneven tire wear like this?

Tire Wear, pict 9.jpg (334438 bytes)

Longer Front Tire Life: Because the suspension is designed to keep the tire’s contact patch flatter to the ground, there is much less wear to the inside and out side edges of the front tires. It is not necessary to align the front end with a lot of static camber which causes the insides of the front tires to wear prematurely. Also, since the suspension works with a softer front coil spring, the suspension travels easier which prevents the weight of the car from rolling over the outside edge of the tire.

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RMP Adjustable Motor Mounts
for Small Block Fords

6110lg.jpg (265869 bytes)

These  RMP Motor Mounts are adjustable front to rear and side to side.
This aids the installation of headers and transmission swaps.
Adjusting engine towards firewall increases traction and handling.
Cannot separate due to thru bolt design.

Zinc Plated
Durable Poly Urethane Bushings

Fits 1965-70 Mustangs & 1967-70 Cougars
Will fit Falcons!

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RMP Rear Spring Plates with Tie Downs

rmptiedownplates.jpg (419221 bytes)

These Spring Plates take the work out of securing your Mustang to your trailer.

Oversize Tie Down Loops
Black Powder Coat Finish
Accepts 1/2" U-bolts, for 2.5" to 3.5" Axle Tubes
Extended Shock Mounting Tabs

Fits 1965-73 Mustangs & 1967-73 Cougars

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